Hurtigruten cruises offer adventure, discovery, and exploration, creating a truly unique experience. Each Hurtigruten cruise is a purposeful voyage between cities and villages that explores UNESCO World Heritage Sites and pristine coastal waterways. Local encounters, spectacular scenery, or interactions with wildlife can all be experienced.

A fleet of intimately-scaled expedition ships offer breathtaking nature-based experiences. Skilled expedition teams not only guide you to adventure, but also provide a fantastic learning experience through lectures on biology, history, and geology.

Visiting 34 ports, Hurtigruten ships get local produce every day which provide exceptional food at the on-board restaurants. You will be served seafood caught the same day, fresh vegetables from nearby towns, and uncommon treats handpicked and delivered by local farmers.

Unlike mainstream cruise options, Hurtigruten strays from indulgences, on-board shopping, and floating resort experiences. Hurtigruten’s purpose is to bring out the explorer in you, and connect you with the natural beauty the world offers. Every day you will be amongst a group of people bursting with excitement in anticipation with what the day will bring.