Classicism and the Renaissance come together in equal measure during a two-night hotel stay in the Italian capital of Rome. Then sail to Florence and let the birthplace of artistic giants engulf your senses and stretch your mind at every turn. In Pisa, see the iconic leaning tower, and in Lecce, wander through the 25,000-seat Roman amphitheater.

Walk in the footsteps of Napoleon on Elba. Cruise the Lavezzi Isles and the Maddalena Archipelago to Corsica, Spanish Menorca, and the historic port of Malaga for an optional trip to the 13th-centry Alhambra Palace, the last Spanish capital of the Moors, and more.

Enter the mouth of the Guadalquivir River and cruise upstream through the Andalusian countryside to the heart of the beautiful and romantic city of Seville, which legend has it was founded by Hercules, for a spectacular finale that is small-ship cruising at its best.
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