Sail from the canals of Venice to the "Eternal City" of Rome, two of the greatest destinations in the world.

See the Renaissance treasures of Urbino, birthplace of Raphael. Explore the Roman history of Split, where the Palace of Diocletian occupies half the city. Walk the walls of Dubrovnik and discover ancient Lecce at the heel of Italy's boot, a city of architectural treasures including an ancient Roman amphitheater.

Butrint in Albania is a rich repository of the past, as is the Graeco-Roman theater of Taormina. Cruise through the Strait of Messina to Salerno on the Amalfi Coast, where legend has it that Paestum was founded by Jason of Argonauts fame, before arriving at the most famous archaeological sites in history, Pompeii and nearby Herculaneum.

A two-night hotel stay in the Italian capital of Rome offers a chance to uncover the city's many treasures, on a host of sightseeing options.
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