Imagine gliding past quaint villages, ancient hillside castles and stone forts; past sun-drenched olive groves and vineyards, snow-capped mountains and thundering gorges; under glittering night-lit bridges in exotic cities. Imagine eating first-class French cuisine while floating on a sparkling river, watching the gorgeous landscape pass by.

CroisiEurope trips offer you the opportunity to intimately experience the culture of a region or a country, and to visit some of Europe’s most dazzling cities and towns — in France, Spain, Italy, Germany or Belgium — in ease and comfort.

Small enough to moor at a town or city port, but large enough to provide you every amenity. The capacity of just 100 to 200 passengers allows a warm and convivial atmosphere on board, as well as the opportunity for quiet privacy and independence. The pace of our river cruises is relaxed and tranquil; the scenery is gorgeous and changes moment to moment. And river cruising is smooth, so there’s no need to worry about seasickness. Unpack your bags, and relax and enjoy the trip.

Discover why river cruising is the new way to travel.