Travelling with Adventure Canada is an experience unlike any other—and not just because of the incredible destinations. There is pride taken to offer an immersive cultural experience both on and off the ship.

Shipboard programming is fun and educational. Hosted presentations, debates, and workshops provide perspective and understanding; expedition staff—experts in their respective fields—are approachable, available on deck, and always onshore during excursions. Staff and passengers dine together for lively, informative conversations.

A unique mix of entertainment and humour is an integral part of evening concerts, trivia nights, theme dinners, and dances. Each day’s excursions are thoughtfully planned to make the most of the local environment and conditions. Hiking, wildlife viewing, historic sites, community visits, and Zodiac cruising are regular activities. Engaging presentations and hands-on activities are offered each day; these range from photography and printmaking workshops to examinations of ancient peoples and current events. You choose activities that are best suited to your abilities and interests.

Adventure Canada's close relationships with local people in the regions set them apart. A proud history of working with communities, hiring locally, and ensuring their vision of tourism is a sustainable one is key. Adventure Canada is grateful to work alongside so many talented individuals and to be invited into their home territories. In turn, there is opportunity to  invite community members on board to enjoy the hospitality of the Ocean Endeavour while sharing their stories and experiences.

Fun and casual, rugged yet comfortable—Adventure Canada’s expedition cruises are true voyages of discovery.