Passenger Information Forms

If you have already made a booking with Exclusive Tours it's important that we have a completed passenger information form (PIF) for each person in your party.  This information is used to ensure that we are aware of any special needs or events to make sure that your trip lives up to your expectations.  We also need this information so that we can contact you or an approved individual in the event of an emergency.  

Please click here to complete a PIF for each member of your party. 

Thank you in advance.

Need Travel Insurance?

Purchase Insurance

IMPORTANT: While it might be more exciting to plan the fun aspects of your trip, we know it’s also important to prepare for the unexpected. Travel insurance is the most important item you can take with you when you travel. If you get sick or injured outside your home province or territory, it’s good to know travel insurance will be there to help.

Purchase travel insurance from the comfort of your own home!